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TWOOC Super III Bike Taillight

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Original price was: $ 59.99.Current price is: $ 30.00.

Super III introduces a groundbreaking design that combines impressive brightness with innovative smart functionalities.

Its remarkable 60-lumen output remains clearly visible up to 1km away, even under bright daylight conditions.

What sets Super III apart from conventional taillights are its intelligent auto-on/off sensors. The light activates automatically when you start your ride and includes a built-in delay for stoplights, ensuring it turns off once your journey is complete.

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1 review for TWOOC Super III Bike Taillight

  1. Lisa Smith

    I bought this bike rear light for my daily commute, and it’s been a game-changer. Easy to install, long-lasting battery, and the brightness is impressive. The added safety of the stop light feature is a big plus.

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