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TWOOC MX 1000 Bike Front Light

$ 59.99

The TWOOC MX1000 may serve as your emergency power bank.

High Mode: 1000 lumens/100 minutes

Middle Mode: 500 lumens/200 minutes

Low Mode: 300 luments/ 300 mintues

Flashing Mode: 500 lumens/600 mintues

SOS Mode: 500 lumens/900 mintues




  • High power rechargeable bike front light
  • Up to 120 degree visibility
  • Featuring a composite battery case and a small alloy body.
  • Large capacity lithium-lion rechargeable battery
  • Three Level battery indicators(Green: above 70% / Blue: 20%-70% / Red: Less than 30%)
  • Water resistant
  • USB rechargeable
  • Double click to activate the reflex auto with both darness and motion detection
  • Automatically turn on when motion detected after long holding
  • Automatically turn off when motion not detected after one minute
  • Automatically turn off on the daylight after one minute




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