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TWOOC Super One Smart Bike Taillight


Super one is a game-changing design, blending powerful output with revolutionary smart features.

The piercing 50-lumen output is easily visible over a distance of 1km, even in bright daylight.

What separates Super one from traditional taillights are smart auto-on/off sensors – start riding and the light turns on automatically

and will shut itself off after the ride, with a delay built-in for stoplights.

When it comes time to recharge,

remove it from the mount in seconds and insert the integrated USB paddle directly into a computer or USB power outlet with cables

It keeps recharging simple and convenient.

You can choose to mount on the saddle or Seatpost, either way is easy to install.

Twooc Super One takes powerful safety lighting and keeps the rider safe so they can focus on the road ahead.


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TWOOC Super One Smart Bike Tailight
TWOOC Super One Smart Bike Taillight