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12 Inch Innova Balance Bike Tire Set

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The Innova balance bike tires can provide better grip on all kinds of terrains. There are three types of tread patterns: on-Road, Dirt Trail, Heavy-Duty.

All tires fit our balance bike wheels well. No matter what kind of riding style your little one has, You can always find the right tire for the warrior.

The knobby shoulders of the tire can inspire your child’s confidence in the corners. With the shorter knob in the center and deeper ones toward the edge, the Innova tires will keep your kids rolling fast on the straight and maintain a good grip while cornering.

These are high quality tires and will last a very long time. Your kids can take his balance bike everywhere he wants.


On-Road, Dirt-Trail, Heavy-Duty


  • Latest and optimized tread pattern
  • High performance for racing and dirt ramps
  • Excellent traction for better riding quality
  • Available in three tread pattern


Size: 12 1/2 x 2 1/4
Color: Black
Tube Type: Bent


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