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12 Inch Carbon Balance Bike Wheels – EC18

$ 479.99

  • Super Strong and High-quality carbon fiber
  • Good balance of weight, strength
  • Stiff and responsive
  • Class-leading straight-pull spoke
  • Beautiful design with a cool color scheme
  • Excellent Upgrade Wheel
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The EC18 Carbon Balance Bike Wheels are our first balance bike wheels made from Carbon Fiber. A synthetic composite material comprised of fibers soaked in epoxy resin and then compressed, heated, and cured, It has very different qualities compared to aluminum, and is usually used for high-end bike parts.

The EC18 rims have a 25mm width(22mm internal), which could give the tires on them an excellent round profile and increase the rubber surface area on which to ride. It allows your kids to run the tires at much lower pressure for better compliance and road comfort.

With an impressively lightweight at 180g and come with two sealed cartridge bearings from elite brand NBK. The EC18 Carbon Balance bike wheels can offer better stiffness and responsiveness on BMX tracks, climbs, and zipped along on the flat.

The stiff carbon and straight pull spokes can make your litter rider accelerate fast, and the aerodynamic shape allows him to hold speed easily, which leads the EC18 carbon Balance bike wheels a set of excellent value upgrade for the Strider balance bike.


Electroplating, Golden

Axle Width

95mm/Strider, 85mm/Kokua, 100mm/Cruzee


Wheel Size: 12 Inch
Type: Balance Bike Wheel/Clincher
Rim Material: Carbon Fiber
Hub Material: Aluminium
Hub Bearing Type: Sealed Cartridge Bearings
Bearing Size: #688×2
Rim Finishing: Gloss 3K
Spoke&Hub Finishing: Electroplating
Spoke Pattern: 12/Radial
Valve Stem: A/V
Weight: 180g/0.39 lbs per Wheel
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 10 x 11 Inches
Shipping Weight: 1.01kg/2.22 lbs


Question: Can I use these Balance Bike wheels on a different brand?
Answer: Yes. They are compatible with the other famous brand like Kokua, Cruzee. The difference between them is the alxe width. Please see the size guide carefully. If you still not sure about it, please contact our customer service for more details.
Question: How much more weight is it than the stock foam wheelset?
Answer: The single piece of stock or original foam wheelset commonly weights 0.99 lbs. The EC18 Balance bike wheels plus tire and tube is around 1.12 lbs. It’s slightly changed.
Question: Will these Balance Bike Wheels work with any 12″ Strider?
Answer: Yes. They are designed to fit all Genuine Strider 12″ models(Classic, Sport, or Pro), as well as other brands’ 12″ models too.


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