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The Ultimate Balance Bike Tire Guide For 2021

This is a complete 2020 balance bike tire guide for parents who want to update balance bike for their children. It's suitable for all branded balance bikes
Balance bike wheel with tire

Advantages of Pneumatic Tires for Kids

One of the most fun and exciting things you can do is teach your children how to ride a bicycle.

We understand that this is something that you want to get right. That is why it is so crucial that you teach your kids using the proper equipment.

We don’t want anything to happen to your child when you teach him or her to ride, so we have created this guide for balance bike inflatable tires.

One of the most useful toys for teaching your kids how to ride a bicycle is the balance bike.

However, this bike isn’t enough. You can get plenty of accessories for the balance bikes that will make things easier for your kids.

For example, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a better wheel for their balance bike.

Why A Balance Bike With An Inflatable Tire?

The first thing you should get is the balance bike, as mentioned above.


It would help if you also had a better wheel for the balance bike to maximize your child’s potential.

The default foam wheel, the one that in the most famoun strider balanc bike, isn’t the best.

They might run for a long time, but they don’t give your children the feel they need to learn how to ride correctly.

When it comes to learning how to ride, equipment is everything, and your child should have the best.

The first thing you need to have is a pneumatic tire.

Pneumatic tires offer tremendous advantages over the stock plastic wheel.

The stock wheels that come with the balance bike will not give your kids the benefits of wheels with pneumatic tires.

Tires Make a Big Difference

Why do we make such a big deal about pneumatic tires?

The reality is that wheels with inflatable tires control the feel of riding.

Your little boy or girl will not know how to ride well without understanding how the tires feel.

The better the tires are, the smoother the feeling will be, and their learning experience will be better.

As a parent, you don’t want to spend your time being frustrated as your child flounders about trying to learn how to ride a bike.

That is why you put a lot of emphasis on the pneumatic tire you’re using, so their riding experience can be made a lot better.

We understand this, and that is why these pneumatic tires exist.

A pneumatic tire is the type of tire you would find in your car.

This tire has a solid rubber outer shell, and inside, it has been inflated with air.

This type is contrary to the stock foam wheel you would find on a children’s balance bike.

The stock foam wheels are usually made from solid rubber or even plastic.

However, these stock plastic wheels don’t do as good a job as others.

The main advantage of the solid rubber wheel is that it never deflates.

Your child could ride that balance bike for years on years and never have any problem. This feature is excellent if you are looking to cut costs.

And your child gets to ride on the plastic wheels for a long time without worrying about any punctures.

Punctures can happen at any time, so you want to make sure that this is something that you avoid.


let’s look at the main advantages of pneumatic tires compared to the other types of foam wheel.

Pneumatic Tires vs Solid Tires

Balance bike wheel with pneumatic tire
Strider Foam Wheels

We had talked a little bit about why you should get pneumatic tires.

Here is the biggest reason.

Your child will be happier with pneumatic tires than foam wheels or plastic wheels.

Wheels with pneumatic tires will have a higher performance than anything else your child could get from foam or plastic wheels.

Pneumatic tires allow your child to ride on almost any terrain.

One of the biggest reasons your child will learn to ride a bicycle is because they want to go somewhere with it.

No matter what surface they are riding on, they will want to have pneumatic tires.

These tires allow your child to push the balance bike to its limit, and they end up having a better experience.

Not only that, but your child also learns to ride better. When you add all of these things together, you end up with a child that is impressed with the balance bike you have built.

We have to be honest with you and admit that a pneumatic tire will have more maintenance.


As a parent, this is something that will be easy for you to do. You will only need to replace your pneumatic tire if it is damaged.

You will need to add air to wait periodically to ensure it is adequately inflated. Having a pneumatic tire means you can be sure your child will be safe at all times.

Learning to ride a balance bike is a little bit risky, especially for children.


You can reduce this danger by getting your child tires that will work the best.

A pneumatic tire will perform in all situations and give a smooth ride. This smoother ride means your child will not make many mistakes when learning to ride.

It also means that your child will avoid potential falls if you teach him or her correctly.


The most significant advantage is that you make your child happy with the results.

What Pneumatic Tires Can Do

The main benefit of pneumatic tires can be seen when you add other accessories to their balance bike.

Pneumatic tires make the whole bike riding process a lot more fun and easy they’re able to do a lot of things that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do.

For example,

One of the most fun and exciting things you can do when teaching your child how to ride a balance bike is when using the traffic cones we recommend.

These traffic cones can teach your child how to be more agile when riding. It also makes the riding process more fun and exciting.

Your child gets a challenge when riding, so you can see the progress that they make.

Pneumatic tires also make the balance bike a lot better looking. you can upgrade the looks of your child’s balance bike without any issues.

This process is fun and adds a bit more entertainment when riding. When you do all of these things together, your child gets to have the best riding experience imaginable.


Pneumatic tires also let you to teach your child how to ride in different places.

With stock foam wheels, your children will be stuck on smooth surfaces.

With pneumatic tires, they can go anywhere.

You could go into the middle of the woods and teach your child to ride.

You can instruct your child to ride a balance bike on a dirt trail.

No matter what,

Your child will be able to learn to ride while feeling great. The best part about pneumatic tires is they are customizable with different balance bike wheels.

The Different Types of Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires come in various trims and sizes, so you can choose the one that will work best for the environment your children are riding in.

There are three main different tread patterns. 

  • On-Road

    This tire features a smooth tread pattern that is perfectly adapted for road use.

    Go with this tire if you’re looking for the best performance on a slippery road. It gives your child a perfect balance while riding.

  • Dirty-Trail

    For when you need to go off the smooth road and onto some dirt.

    This tread pattern has ridges that make it easy to find grip on dirt roads. It also has grooves to help smooth out your ride.

  • Heavy-Duty

    This tread pattern is excellent for even the most treacherous conditions.

    Think of riding a bike in mud and sand. This tread pattern has deep ridges to help in every situation.

Balance Bike Tire - On-Road
Balance Bike Tire - Dirty-Trial
Balance Bike Tire - Heavy-Duty

Your pneumatic tires come in a different tread pattern for riding on dirt.

These tires perform exceptionally well, and you can be sure that they will help your child achieve their best.

The most significant change in these tires is the grooves that the tires have.

They add more grip and more stability to the riding experience on dirt.

You also have the advantage of adding the heavy-duty configuration to your pneumatic tire so they can perform in every situation.

They can handle the weight of your child no matter what as well. We recommend the heavy-duty tires for people who want to get the best riding experience imaginable without compromising.

Either way, pneumatic tires are ultimately the best choice for your child and what every parent should be getting.

Check out these amazing tires and get the one for your little warrior.

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